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Television: Supernatural (20 icons)
stargirl // me
omgaeula wrote in psychoicons
The first 10 icons are made from ifyouweremine's hilarious 10 Things You Might Not Know About Jensen Ackles. Number 5 just broke me. If you take any of these icons you may also credit ifyouweremine in your keywords.

The last 10 icons are mostly icons made for icontests, plus variations thereof.

- comment, I like to know what you liked :)
- credit psychoicons, don't claim as your own
- no hotlinking, no editing
- textless icons are not bases

05 11 17

01 02 03 04 05
06 07 08 09 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20

11 - 1st place @ super_stillness / 05 Feb 2007
12 - 2nd place @ super_stillness / 12 Feb 2007
17 - 2nd place @ super_icontest / 11 Feb 2007

icon table generator

ETA: I just realized I repeated the letter "a" in icon number 9, and have uploaded the corrected version. I apologize! (But how many of you actually noticed that I made that mistake? Haha!)

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Okay, #7 has always been my favorite thing to say when I need a good laugh and now you've made it so I can tell people this with my icon. YOU ARE FANTASTIC.

I'm glad to share the laughs!

Those are fricken awesome!! xD Made me laugh like crazy

Thank you! And your makes me giggle.

heh 12 is pretty neat, I may snag that one...will credit ya if i do. ♥

These are great! Grabbed a couple and will credit when I use!

Thank you! And your icon is awesome. Haha.

These are sooooo goooooood! Snagged 1,2,3,4,5,8,10,11,16,and 20. Please make more, these are just PERFECT.

LOL I loved that fic, so yes grabbing all those. Plus #20 because I love graveyards and Winchesters.

I did too; I had to icon it. :D

Yes, graveyards and Winchesters win because graveyards + Winchesters = digging + sweat + fire = hot.

i loved the "agains the wall" icons...ha ha

e "quotes" icons = priceless...!!!...haha..!!...loves that fic..!!!
& deff snaggin #11...!!!
awesome icons...!!!!

great icons. Taking 11 cause that's awesome. Will credit.


Thank you. :) And your

hee! snagging #9 and will credit!

By the way, I just realized now that I repeated the letter "a" in that icon. *headdesk* The revised icon is here if you wish it changed.

(Deleted comment)
These are awesome. I have snagged some and I shall be most sure to credit. Thanks.

I snagged a few of the first ten!! They cracked me up so much!! ANd I also grabbed #11.. THanks for sharing!

Yes, ifyouweremine has a great sense of humor. Thanks for commenting!

Ack, sorry I didn’t comment sooner! #flails#

Ooooh, I adore these icons! You did a really terrific job. #envies your mad icon skillz#

Am snagging some; will credit!

Mwahahaha! 3, 7, 9, 10 are the best! Acknowledging PadAckles is LOVE. Thanks for these=)

I took #7 and will credit.
Thanx for this one!

Oh, these are absolutely *glorious.* I will be taking number ten plz.

i saved some of the quote icons. i haven't laughed that hard in a long time. they're gorgeous! :]

These are GREAT! A friend sent me over here. Had to take 3,5, 9, & 10. Great work on all of them. Will credit of course. :)

Snagged 1-10, i love em darl.
Thanks for sharing. =]

snagged most of these. will be giving credit upon use. wonderful work. thank you!

(Deleted comment)
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