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Television: Supernatural (16 icons)
stargirl // me
omgaeula wrote in psychoicons
Hello! We have a new layout! (It is simple and i_am_evilYeo says the logo looks like a butt. I think it could be boobies.) And new icons! Happy day!

The first 8 are from the unbelievably beautiful UK promo (cheesy tagline notwithstanding). Apologies if these don't seem too original. I'm aware the promo's been in circulation for a while now, but I'm new to the fandom. :) The rest are a pretty random bunch. These days I tend to icon whatever picture strikes my fancy. (The are mice are taking over my brain. There is no order in my life!) Also yes I notice the last three posts have all been Supernatural entries. The Winchesters have blocked all my synapses.

- comment, I like to know what you liked :)
- credit psychoicons, don't claim as your own
- no hotlinking, no editing
- textless icons are not bases

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caps not by me are from:
oxoniensis (tag: spn_screencaps)
marishna (at UK promo)
Episodic Photography at (warning: spoilers)

icon table generator

  • 1 so, so stealing number six. Nngh.

I know, right? (Even if she does lack eyeballs.)

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