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...is an icon journal shared by eula_tequila and i_am_evil, mainly to take spammy icon posts out of our personal journals.

...will sadly not be updated very frequently, as both eula_tequila and i_am_evil are often very busy with college.

Feel free to add as us as a friend. New posts will automatically appear on your friends page.


All icons posted are free for the taking, provided you follow the three C's:
[1] Comment with the numbers you're taking.
[2] Credit psychoicons in your keywords. (How?)
[3] Carry icons on your own server.
Please don't modify the icons, even the textless ones.

If you've just found this icon journal and are browsing the index and taking icons, you needn't comment on every entry. You can just comment on one and tell us you're going back through other ones. It's easier on both you and our inboxes. Ü


[1] Comment with the number(s) you're taking.
[2] Credit for bases is not required, but appreciated.

[#] Icons and bases are catalogued in the community's memories.
[#] Upcoming icons are listed in our to-do list.


i_am_evil is taking requests here (psychoicons) and here (artistic_design).
eula_tequila is too lazy to be nagged.


We love praise, so please, spoil us and comment! Tell us which icons you like best. Tell us which icons suck. Tell us how we can improve. We like constructive criticism.


Any icons may be nominated, but please tell us which icon you've nominated. Hotlinking allowed only for nominations.


Our credits have since grown, so for the complete list please see this post and this post.

Inspired by opalnecklace.


Feel free to take a button to link to us. Thanks for visiting!